At the turn of this century, as we continued to maintain our dominion over the planet, one of the most important creatures to human survival started to struggle. The honey bee has been abused for centuries, as man does his best to squeeze every last drop of "liquid gold" out of each colony so that the honey could be used for human gain.

But they're struggling to cope with man's interference, and damaging agricultural practices. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the plight of all pollinators and are starting to do something about it. Not only are they changing the way that they care for their bees, but they're also attempting to help other pollinators at all levels; through simple advocacy, setting up suitable habitats, planting wildflowers by the seedball or even by the meadow; lobbying organisations and government departments.

Natural bees aims to be a portal for these activities, for the child learning about wildlife, for the home owner wanting to plant wild flowers in their garden, for the bumble bee lover, for natural beekeepers, for hive builders, for biodynamic farmers, for anyone interested in natural bees.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is finding like minded people to share ideas. Natural bees will endeavour to gather and help groups through links and sub-domains, offer advice and help on free internet based solutions, including email, forums, web sites etc so that individuals and groups are able to help pollinators survive and thrive.